Being Interviewed By The Producers
Coming In For Landing.  My Heart's In My Throat
Almost Down
Flying Low Waving
The Huey BeingEscorted By AH-64 Apaches
Our First Meeting Since 1967
Connie Pearson Facing Me
Connie And Sue Answering Questions From Reporters
Taking Connie To Meet People Who Came To Came To See Our Reunion
Our helicopter pilot heard the call for help for a resque squad, pinned down by the NVA and decided we would try to get the
wounded out. One helicopter had already been shot down trying to get in the LZ, and a MediVac couldnt land because the
LZ was too hot. . We went to the West side of the LZ and were able to land. As soon as we landed the wounded began
being brought to our ship. We loaded six men and were running out of room quickly. Connie was still on the ground and
told the me if we left him there, he would die. He had already been passed over twice and was near death. We got all
seven men on board and lifted off to go to the nearest MASH unit.

Often I would think about those men and especially the one wounded nine times and I wondered if he made it and how
many of the others made it. I didn't know any of their names or where they were from but I knew they were with the 5/7 Cav.
One night I got an idea to see if the 5/7 had a web site and sure enough they did. I posted a message about that night and
about the guy shot nine times. Within a week I began getting responses to my inquiry. They wanted to know more about
me and what I knew about that night. They were being careful because there are so many "WANNABES" and they had to
make sure I was on the level. I had an ace in the hole that only someone there would know. Their Batallion Commander
had also been wounded and lodaed on my ship. His leg had been blown off below the knee. When I told them this, they
knew I was who I was saying I was. They wrote to Connie Mack and told him about me. Soon after I got an e-mail from
Connie's wife saying they were the ones I was looking for and they had been wondering about me too all these years.
When I was contacted by the Shadow Of The Blade producers, I told them I would be interested in participating if they could
put myself and Connie together. They (the producers) got very excited about my story and said this was exactly what they
were trying to convey by reuniting Vietnam vets and families and friends with a Huey flying across America. Huey 091 was
loaned to the casting crew and flown by the owners who themselves were Vietnam veteran pilots. They flew 10,000 miles
across America and recorded over 200 hours of video. It has been condensed to 100 minutes and was recently shown at
the Houston Worldfest Film Festival where it took A gold medal and won a trophy similar to an Oscar for best picture out of
over 400 entries. I am proud to have been involved with the Shadow project, but am most excited about mine and Connie's
reunion after 35 years of questions. Connie and I talk on the phone about twice a month and plan on getting together again
either here or at his home in Illinois. I urge all vets who have been wondering what happened to someone to try whatever
means it takes to get an answer to your questions. It worth every minute of it. By the way, all seven men survived, thanks to
the time that was saved by using the Huey Helicopter to extract the wounded.

                           It Is With Great Sadness That Connie Mack Pearson Passed Away 24 November 2012
                                                 His old tired body finally gave out. I miss you Connie.
Connie and Sue Pearson,  My Wife, Grandson, Granddaughter, Me
The Next Morning My Family Got To Fly In The Huey
               That's My Wife In The Pilot Seat
                   We Had A Big Party That Night At Our House
     BBQ, Beer, And Someone Brought Some Real White Lightening
My Kids, Center, Left, And My Former Son In Law
All Set For Lift Off
Our Pastor Giving Thanks For The Great Reunion
Up, Up, And Away
One Of The Owner / Producers Of The Video (Center) Visiting With Two Of The Owner / Pilots

It Was An Awesome Two Days!
The email on the left is from the 5/7th website editor and Connie's wife.

The email on the right is from Connie Pearson to me.

I've saved them all these 17 years.