by: Joel T. Bailey

He lay alone in a jungle
In this far away land
He was wounded and bleeding
And unable to stand

His body was racked with pain
And he was on the verge of crying
Doing his best to hold on
For he was so afraid of dying

He wasn't much for praying
But he thought it was worth a try
He rolled over on his back
And looked up toward the sky

He said, "Jesus I hope you're listening
For I'd like to talk to you
My Mama said you'd always help
So I know it must be true

"Jesus my buddies were all killed
But I guess you know that by now
And if my time on earth is over
Will you forgive my sins somehow?"

Suddenly his pain was all gone
And in its place he felt a glow
He said, "Jesus if its like this in heaven
Then I guess I'm ready to go

Then someone was kneeling beside him
Saying, "Son how bad are you hurt
He'd never pictured an angel in camouflage
With a red cross on their shirt