The Vietnam Alphabet Poem

A long, long time, many years ago,
Before we had a chance to really know,
Christmas year was in the land of Ho,
Dealing with leaches and heat, instead of snow.

Every December, in the year of Tet,
Facing the fears we knew not of yet,
Growing much older while sweaty and wet,
Having to watch out for your buddy the vet.

I can only remember the meaning of fear,
Jesus, why do I feel that You aren't near.
Knowing how much I fear of never leaving here,
Looking more sometimes for death than life.

My heart is broken in this place of strife,
Nobody cares, if we live or die.
Over in the world of the big round eye,
Please try to explain all of this after years gone by.

Quickly, while I wonder if I will always be,
Remembering those things in the land of the free.
Standing tall with feelings of pride,
Thinking back to the times we could cry.

Unclear as to why those feelings will die,
Victory only comes to those who care.
While defeat will come to all of us,
Especially in times of despair.

X-Ray and Bird, are places to remember,
You know, during our Christmas, in December.
Zebra, Idrang, and Happy Valley, are places
you won't find, in a Rand McNally.

© 2000 - Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine