By Swashplate

With a heavy tool box in hand, I walk the line,
Ships down for intermediate,all is fine.
I de-cowl her and remove panels and damnedable screws,
I cut on my AM-FM to hear some news.

Got my maintenace kit with seals and gaskets galour,
Time to fiw up this wore out old whore.
Checking cables and hanger bearings,and tailrotor hub,
Getting cut up by saftey wire,fingers near a nub.

Replaced two estruchion plates on the door hinges,
Who ever named these parts, must have came off of drunken
Cleaned the trans oil screens and dirty work required,
Thats what a CE had to do, or get fired!

TI took his time to get to the ship,
He was amased at all the write-ups to sign off,a real trip.
My bird was soon finished and ready for flight,
The 2408-13 had more write-ups again,ready to fight.

It goes on for my whole tour,
Of flying and maintaining my ship, hardships to endure.
Yet, I got used to the grind and didn`t lose a ship,
Doing the Flightline Bebop with a sore left hip!

--- ©Marvin Camp