Before The War

As a young boy before the war,
I could care less for the miles were far.
My time on earth would always last,
Now, as I am older I reflect on my past.

I had dreams of living a contented life,
I wasn't worried about someone else's strife.
My days were filled as were my nights,
Of  how I could live and not have to fight.

Then our country beckoned for my all,
And on December 3,1965, I got the call.
I would have to change all of my plans,
For I was surely destined for foreign lands.

Going in a young boy, coming out a grown man,
I watched my friends die in a very short span.
They were dying in body, spirit, and mind,
And would forever be changed, their goals lost in time.

Days would come and nights would go,
But no peace on this earth, for we reap what we sow.
Slow to forget, and not wanting to remember,
I curse those days in that hot December.

I made it, I did it, I did not die,
Oh, please God, tell me why.
I made it in body only, why do I continue to cry,
Wouldn't it have been better just to let me die?

I think of all those brave young men,
They would come home too, just how and when?
Some would be lost forever on foreign soil,
Some would come home but their rage would boil.

They would never be the same as they were before.,
They would never be the same after going to war.
They went as young boys, came back as old men,
Still wishing they could forget that horrible sin.

Now we are all one from our horrible strife,
As we try to put together our miserable life.
We pray for each other and every day,
We pray our sons and daughters will never know this way.

The war is long gone but never forgotten,
All these brave men who were once spoiled rotten,
Will always suffer their brothers death,
No matter how they feel, they can still hear their dying breath.

As Wrong as it was we were put to the test,
I still always pray we can put it to rest.
I pray always there will be no more tests,
I pray our weary minds can get some rest.

I pray for no more war and certain doom,
I pray we will all see God's golden room.
I pray we will one day be in God's Holy Heaven,
I pray for us all to be united in peace and as brethren.

Keith Bodine 04 Jun 2000