Anger and rage burn deep within the soul
A firey, untamed, red hot coal
Easily fanned to a consuming flame
Straight out of hell this monstrous beast came

Silent, stealthy, and malevolent it inwardly stole
Burning away the fabric of reason it's ultimate goal
As reason is all that maintains control
A heavy chain is held fast lest it escape to kill or maim

Berserker is this beast's ungodly name
With it I daily wrestle working hard to tame
The power and fury of this demon I greatly fear
While the mind it's firey breath does sear

Rational thought a weakening bier
Reason has burned through from time to time
The beast unleashed acts without reason or rhyme
Till reason, repaired, stops the beastial climb

Oh, how I wish this beast would depart
Trying to maintain control is ripping me apart
Exerting pressures on the mind and heart
Breaching the walls, the very rampart

Of body, mind, and soul
Slowly but surely reducing all to ash is this red hot coal

©Roger Hogan