My mind is so cluttered with thoughts of ages past,
I want to forget them but I think they will forever last.
There are thoughts of death and destruction, of much fear and hate,
I want the thoughts to leave me but I fear it is much too late.

As I grow older they seem to come more often,
I dream of all the dead as I see them in their plastic coffin.
They keep staring at me asking for my help,
I tell them there is nothing I can do, their cards have all been dealt.

The eyes are red from suffering, swollen, black and blue,
I want to help them live again, but I have done all I can do.
The blank stares return to their sad and pale faces,
There is no discrimination in death, no division of their races.

Death takes any and all and when the time is near,
There is no escape for any of us, there is no need to fear.
You will not know when your time has come, no one can help you
As you have done all you can do, and that is all you can give.

© Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine 25-Jan-2003