In a helicopter flying over rice paddies,
then over jungle to a spot brown and red, tents and a lonely strip.

I run from the chopper looking for a hole.
No weapon, scared as hell.
This base is so small, and the enemy, they are every where I look.

I see bodies everywhere.
A rifle from one I take,
It’s bad luck but I’m so scared.

Ammo, I’ve got none.
Back to the bodies, stealing from the dead.
I must survive, they’re gone, I must live.

Clips, clips, none to be found.
Back to the dead, Stealing again, from the dead.

With shaking hands, I load the clips.
God I’m so scared, surrounded, they’re closing in,
I’m all alone and going to die.

Back in a helicopter, The dream starts again.
Each time I know I’m going to die,
I’m going to Khe Sanh!!