To the GIB (Guys In
To the GIB, who made Viet Nam possible. The helicopter was the life blood of the Grunt. It took him to war,
and it brought him home. It supported him with everything from water and ammo to air support and
medevac. It hauled the Artillery, it scouted , it flew convoy cover, it did things the designers would never
think it could. If someone could think of it, the Aircrews would, and did, get it done.
But GIB was the one who made it work. You had it ready to fly sometimes for a 0400 takeoff after getting
back at 2300. You'd fly all day, protecting us with your guns and your eyes,
loading and unloading anything and everything. Sometimes jumping out in a Hot LZ to find and bring back
the wounded , and then try to keep them alive en route to the hospital, there many people alive because of
the GIB.
After a long day you'd come home, clean the mess, patch the holes, clean the guns and get ready to do it
all over again. There were good pilots and there were some that could have been better, but I've never
heard of a aircraft that couldn't find some GIB that wasn't Crazy enough to give it a try. We flew days, we
flew nights, we flew good weather, we flew bad weather, but if we were needed, we'd kick the tire and light
the fire, pull pitch and fly into whatever was awaiting us and the GIF always knew the GIB would take care
of him first no mater what.
You earned your wings in combat.
Please accept these from a GIF who would not have made it home without MY GIB.
To the 173rd AHC Crewmembers at the Louisville VHCMA Reunion June 23, 2001

From WO2 Chuck Broadhurst
173 AHC / Robinhoods / Lai Khe, Vietnam
Helicopter Pilot Wings