God and Hope

Hope is all we have God
It's how we get through,
Every day in which we live God,
And in all the things we do.

We go to bed each night
and think of years gone by.
We take our pills, but still we can't sleep,
No matter how hard we try.

Hope is what we feel God
It's really all we are,
If Hope never existed God,
We couldn't get very far.

We worry about this and we worry about that,
But none of it really matters,
It's things we can do nothing about,
But in our mind it still chatters.

We hope that some day surely,
All of it will be gone.
But we are told it will remain forever,
And all we can do is stay strong.

We are tired of being sick God,
And all we want is to get well,
To make our world brighter,
And to deliver us from Hell.

©2003 - Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine January 19, 2003