Where has all the time gone, where the hell did it go,
I was once looked up to, I was a war hero.
Now I sleep where ever I can, where ever I can find,
My face is so old and wrinkled, life has not been kind.

A half century ago, I served when I was called to go,
I was a combat soldier, proud and brave, ready for the
My time in Vietnam prepared me for my life,
Drugs and booze were my strength, which led to my

Today I eat whatever I can find, I sleep wherever I can,
I am the people I hate, I am the one they can't stand.
The life I know of using drugs and becoming a boozer,
Has almost, but not quite, helped make me a total loser.

Then one day it happened, I had not thought of Him in
I fell to my knees in prayer and shed a half century of
God told me to rise up, go forth, and again become a
Now today, I show others like me, what God will do
and can.

© Keith Bodine 06/21/2007
A Homeless