Flight Lead reports IP inbound,
The flight follows lead's path,
Gunships report LZ cold, no rounds,
Artillery preps with wrath,

Flight Lead reports turning final,
Gunships fire for effect, right and left,
LZ looks like hell reincarnated,
Fast movers strike to the front with deft,

Flight Lead reports short final to the LZ,
Direction of attack; 12 o'clock from me,
Reports of fire from the right, across the nose,
Both guns fire, appearing like a fire hose,

Into the smoke and haze,
The Flight lands, LZ ablaze,
Hold your position, come what may,
Resigned to not surviving the day,

After what seems an eternity,
Trail calls "up" for God's sake,
Lead calls; "pitch in twenty",
On departure, a right break,

Are we hit, everyone OK?
Survived another trip to hell,
Just happy to be on the way,
Only to be ready to answer the bell,

In Bound the LZ,
Words that cause concern,
Will they fight or will they flee,
Fearing the words; "Inbound the LZ".

Jerry Turner
Warrior 25