By Swashplate

With this pen in hand , I write,
A short time to rest, between the fight.
I miss you darling, oh so much,
What am I to write about, VC and such!

All is well here, I miss you so,
I will be home soon, don,t you know!
How is my little boy?
I will bring him home a nice toy.

I miss your soft, sweet long hair,
I am faithfull to you Amy, To wander I won't dare.
To feel you next to me in bed,
Thoughts of love making, fills my head.

If things go wrong at home,  just call Dad,
The thought of you alone makes me sad.
Don't be frightened by the news on TV,
I sent you this letter, can't you see.

It rains a lot here in Vietnam's monsoon,
I have to deal with a lot of crazy guys,real loons!
Tell Mom and Dad, I said Hi,
Damn! Got a mission, Have to say goodbye.....

Folding the letter, and placing it in my pocket,
Ship ready! Fuel, ammo, and rocket.
The pain of being away from Amy tears at my heart,
When I get home, we shall never part.

Well flying over a hut, his ship was hit,
He knew he was in, real deep shit.
As the ground grew close, his mind in awe,
When the end came, the letter was all he saw.