Submission of this is Unknown

Song Dedicated to the 3rd Bn 4th Mar in 1966 after Operation Hastings RVN
Sung to the tune, "The Green Beret"

We are the men U.S. Marines,
dirty, rough and fighting mean.
From the states we came this way,
Couldn't care less about the Green Beret.

We stalk in the paddies both day and night,
don't need songs or a Green Beret.
Keep your cap and silver wings,
take them home with all your things.

We partrol and kill V.C., killing
Cong to make men free.
One Hundred men over ran today,
we saved them all, they were the Green Beret.

While they jump and sing their songs,
we search the fields and kill the Cong.
We're the men who fight each day,
since seventy-five, it's been that way.

Back home a young wife waits,
her brave Marine has met his fate,
he has died so others might live.
For his land that's what he'll give.

I know this song won't be a hit,
but a good Marine don't give a shit.
And when it comes to glory and fame,
we'll kick your ass and take your name.