When will I be rid of all this misery,
Will it ever end, only a tunnel I see.
Each dawn brings another, of promise and hope,
But as I slowly awake, it's hard to cope.

I think of all the rotten things I have done,
And realize they were serious and in the name of fun.
I'm not the good person, I would like to be,
I'm full of hate and misery.

My life is sad and not what it seems,
I haven't fulfilled my hopes and dreams.
I'm a disappointment to many, I know,
If I could turn back time, I would surely go.

But that's not possible, so I must live,
The life I've been dealt, and all it will give.
Will it ever be good, so I can see,
The end of the tunnel and all of the misery.

©Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine 11-Mar-2003