The Other Fine Young Men

We rode in the back with our guns at the ready,
The CE and gunner, our nerves were steady.
Charlie was out there, hiding somewhere,
Waiting to kill us, we hade no fear.

We hauled grunts, food, and sadly KIA,
Which made us sad and sick, day after day.
Prisoner’s of war were taken back to base,
While we stared at each other, face to face.

We counted bullet holes and patched them all,
Reporting to our pilots our many close call.
The ship belonged to our CE,
The guns were the gunner’s responsibility.

We are known as the guys in back,
The crew chief and gunner, white or black.
Race didn’t matter, we were all the same,
We all did our jobs without any shame.

Keith Bodine - 05/08/08