People Of Nam

I remember the sad and worried faces,
Of the people we met in far and distant places.
It was children and women in Vietnam,
Who suffered the most from the Viet Cong.

The Americans and allies were there to aid,
But our hands were tied by a political facade.
We saw many women and kids with broken hearts in their chest,
There wasn't much we could do, but we tried our best.

Young mothers would try to give away their child,
The war had become cruel, eerie, and wild.
A few brave soldiers would try to bring some home,
But our government said "NO", leave them alone.

So that is how it happened, we did what we were told,
And the memories still haunt us a we grow old.
I know the memories will forever be,
But, I pray to God to let us be free.

© Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine 5/5/01