Airborne Grunt Material
Jump School, Fort Benning,Ga. 1966
"Sin City" Government Run Brothel
Louie Meza - Door Gunner
Sgt. Looney - Crew Chief
Faron Fipps Flipping Me Off... Masewich
       Both Guys Are Door Gunners
Home Sweet Home For The Next Year
Larry Brickner - Door Gunner
SP.4 Larry Stanley - Door Gunner / Guitar Player
Left To Right

Sgt. Love - Crew Chief
SP4 Lee Horton - Crew Chief
Sgt. Keith Bodine - Door Gunner
Sgt. Faron Fipps - Door Gunner
SP-5 "Gramps" Trent - Crew Chief
SP-4 Jerry Simmons 2/8 Cav. Infantry
We Met In Japan and Instantly Became Good Friends
SP.4 "Shorty" Powers - Door Gunner, Refueling
Playboy Miss June 1966, And Me
Picture Of Me While Cleaning my Guns
M-60 Hanging Tied By A Bungie Cord
Hong Kong Mountain Overlooking
Our Base Camp At Camp Radcliff.
We Got Mortared A Lot From That Mountain.
Gunship Being Prepped For An Air Assault
Gunship Ready For Take Off
Capt. Asslyn and W.O. Woolen Before We Took Off
Capt. Asslyn and W.O. Woolen In Flight To Combat Assault
Flying To A Combat Assault
A Gaggle Of Hueys Flying To A Combat Assault
Coming In To The LZ (Landing Zone)
Troops Heading For Cover
Setting Up Mortars
Landing At The "Golf Course" At "Camp Radcliff
Flying Over A Vietnamese Village And Train
Flying Over "Highway 19"... Not Really A Highway,  It's A Well  Traveled
              Road With Lots Of  Rice Paddies, Vietcong & NVA
                  MP (Military Police) Prison
Where Captured VC & NVA Were Locked Up
Me And My Captured Dog "Trooper" From A Village, On An Air Assault
Standing In Front Of Our CO's Office
"Yes", I have My Hands In My Pockets
Posing For My "Studio Picture" ... NOT!
Taking Pics With My New Polaroid Camera
Pilot Glen Granberry Squatting - (Deceased) Non Hostile
Pilot Gene Wilkie  (Deceased) -  Non Hostile
Can't Remember The Others Names - CE and Door Gunner
Pilots Building A Sandbag Bunker Around Their Hooch
"Strumming" SP-4 Larry Stanley
Hanging Out At Base Camp
Pilot Gene Wilkie (Deceased) Non Hostile
Can't Remember The Crew Chief's Name
Left To Right:
Myself, WO Lanny Julian, CPT. John Lehter

Waiting for the word to take off for Air Assault
Here We Go! On Our Way To War.
Grunt Leg Material