Words Won't Come / Rick (Bulldog 10)    

Questions / Jeff Manthos     Poets Of War / Jeff Manthos    A Cold Day In Hue / Jeff Manthos

Before The War / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine/ After The War-Detroit Michigan July 26,1967

Twenty One / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   In Country / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

Dinasoar / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine     Death / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

God And Hope / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Years / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine  Please / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

People Of  Nam / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Vietnam Alphabet Poem / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

Rich And Famous / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Misery / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

Auto Rotation / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine     Fine Young Men / Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

The Other Fine Young Men/ Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Flying Angels/ Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine

A Homeless Veteran Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Crashing Waves Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine   Night Flight / Swash  Letters To Amy / Swash

The Art Of Remembering / Swash     The Flightline  BeBop / Swash   Berserker / Roger Hogan (RIP)

Stranger / Roger Hogan (RIP)     Red, White, and Blue / Roger Hogan (RIP)   Great Soldier / Jeff Vadzemnieks

Another Night  / Jeff Vadzemnieks     Never Forget  / Jeff Vadzemnieks     My Hero / Jeff Vadzemnieks

Yes It Is OK / Dick Crawley  Upon The Wall / Johnny Hubbs

Marine Poem / Author Unknown     Death Dream /  L.S.M. II   Lost / L.S.M. II

A Christmas Poem / Unknown Marine    Good Bye Viet Nam  /  Terry Rushbrook

What Is A Brother / Leilah Ash Ward    Drunken Hobo / Ron Ryan

Bury Me With Soldiers/(Author Unknown)

Terror From The Sky / Jerry"Warrior" Turner    Ghosts / Jerry "Warrior" Turner

Don't Give Me / Jerry"Warrior" Turner  Slick Drivers / Jerry:Warrior" Turner  

Inbound The LZ / Jerry"Warrior"Turner     A Tribute To Veterans/ A Song By Jerry Calow

We Live In Their Place / Carl W. Cole   When God Made Vietnam Vets / Author Unknown

Tribute To Hoagie / Sara Hogan    Airborne Stars / Del"Abe"Jones   That's What's The Matter / Del"Abe"Jones

Final Inspection / Author Unknown   GIB) Guys In Back / Chuck Broadhurst (CWO2)

Hey You Don't Fool U.S. / Jerry Calow

VIETNAM and the GRACE OF GOD / D. Newton

The GI and Jesus / Joel T. Bailey

A Name On The Wall / Joel T. Bailey
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The Warriors Heart/ Charles H. Finlaw Jr.
Peace Can Be Contagious If  You Let It ...
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It Is Good Enough To Be

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"GIB Guys In Back"
This poem was written for the "Guys in
Back" of the 173rd Aviation from Chuck
Broadhurst, one of the pilots,  and read to
them at the VHCMA reunion in Louisville
2001, accompanied by a set of flight
wings for each of the attending members
of the 173rd AHC Robinhoods
Thank you Michelle for this award