Rich And Famous

We don't have lives like the rich and famous
In fact society is still trying to tame us
We are the men, who so long ago,
Looked at life like a picture show

So innocent we were when we had that choice,
Of running or fighting and spewing out our voice
We spoke loud, and very clear, hoping the world could really
That we couldn't allow the communist to rule over there

Ours was an honorable and sincere desire,
To wipe out the terror and put out the fire
We learned the hard way, all was not what it seemed,
It wasn’t going as planned and of what we dreamed

So some came home in a cold metal coffin,
While others came home happy, but not very often
We worked very hard, just trying to fit in,
But our world had changed to a riot or a protester’s sit in

We couldn't’t understand what had exactly gone wrong,
We were confused and lost like those in Cu Chi or Bon Son.
We bottled up our feelings and never shared,
For we finally knew, nobody, really cared.

No, our lives are not like the rich and famous,
But we have tried and tried, so please don’t blame us.
We are caught up in two different worlds,
The world we lost and the world now unfurled.

What’s in our future, what will befall,
Some will stop trying while others will give all.
Some will have feelings of distrust and despair,
While others will keep going even if life, isn’t very fair.

Copyright 2003 - Keith (Hacksaw) Bodine