Red, White, Blue

Aviators, the pilots and crews,
Are a breed apart, crazily plying the blues.
Air crews formed a bond like no other
Giving new meaning to the term "brother".
For all we freely paid our dues.

Summoned by the call to glory,
Proudly serving "Old Glory".
A banner to freedom's call.
A proclamation to one and all.
The colors thereon tell the story.

To the men of the chopper,
Placed in war's hopper,
The colors in the banner, to all seeing,
Carried the old yet brought new meaning.
The colors, symbolic, became all the more proper.

The rising and setting of the sun we saw,
The fires of Hell's great gaping maw,
The fires of wrath that burns within our souls,
Like red hot coals,
A brother's life blood soaking the ground
And you know he's Glory Bound.

The striking brilliance of the clouds from above,
Flying to protect the freedoms and brothers we love.
Silver wings reflecting the light
As we fly with the sun or moon at night,
Purity in the conviction that our cause is just.
So, to fight the good fight we know we must.

For the loyalty and trust we had in and for each other
Not forsaking a needy brother.
For the blue skies through which we flew;
For the cold chill of fear we all knew;
For the ramparts
That now guard our hearts.
Memories of fallen friends who gave their all;
You, who ran, will never stand as tall

From every state we answered our country's call,
To proclaim and protect freedom we stood proud and tall.
Now, 58,000 Stars shine forth from a Black Marble Wall!
You, who would desecrate the flag, are to me, as useless as skag!
You arouse in me the feeling of having to gag,
And the wish to zip you into a body bag!

R Hogan
Roger D. (Hoagie) Hogan

57th AHC, Gladiator 929, 70 - 72
An Khe, Kontum, Dak To, Pleiku
1st Avn. Co.(RR)Cam Ranh Bay, 68
144th Avn. Co.(RR) Nha Trang  68