The Scouts recon with skill
The Snakes hunt and kill
The Slicks carry their fill

Slicks assault the LZ
They find no glee
Only a landing and flee

Lift after lift is landed
Call for resupply is handed
Slicks fly in single-handed

In with ammo and chow
Out with wounded that bow
Back with water and know how

Slicks continue to fly
Many hours go by
Hits are taken, more resupply

Return for fuel to take
Refuel hot, no break
Back to the fight for God?s sake

Fire from the right
Gunners return with fright
Pilots eager for flight

Off load, reload with haste
Sitting and waiting a waste
A shout of up, airborne with a salty taste

The battle over, Troopers ready
Slicks return in formation steady
Slicks load, lift off with Troopers heady

Approach to homeplate
Maintenance to perform late
Be ready for tomorrow?s fate

No glory to be had
Survival, a reason to be glad
Tomorrow may be bad

©Jerry Turner Warrior 25

NOTE: No reproduction or use of this poem is
allowed without the concent of Jerry Turner