Terror From the Sky

The day was clear and bright.
No indication of impending fright.
The date was September eleven.
The message was not from Heaven.

Terror struck from the sky.
Terrorists came in on the fly.
Their aim was to intimidate.
The effect was immediate.

Heroes rushed to save.
Their actions beyond brave.
Towers were aflame on high.
Billows of smoke marred the sky.

As occupants tried to flee,
The structures ceased to be.
Thousands were buried alive,
In rubble, as they hurried to survive.

Four machines were used this day.
Three successful, one turned away.
The result was not a murderer's vision.
The country was not driven to division.

The people united as they responded.
In support of the heroes, they bonded.
To terror and intimidation we say no!
The Terrorists shall reap what they sow!

©Jerry Turner - Warrior 25
21 September 2001
NOTE: No reproduction or use of this poem
is allowed without the consent of Jerry Turner.