The daughter of a lucky Vietnam marine,
his only child is my husband you see
lucky because he made it out alive,
aware of the alternative..
as he watched buddies die.

Some days for hours I’d listen to stories
many times in disbelief…………
it wasn’t until he pulled out his pictures
that he made a believer of me.

Enemy fire, hell in the jungle,
and finely beyond the grenades,
I remember him saying
it was by the grace of GOD,
the reason their Asses were saved.

Proud they were and lucky
to go home, now here we are,
fourty years down the road.

While my husband,
our daughter,
his mother and I, feel
very fortunate to have been
a part of his life

As luck would have it..
this cliché is a lie,
those who felt lucky never
had luck on their side.

A soldier selflessly sacrifices life
some were called quickly
and others over time.

Dad was a marine during the
Vietnam War standing
front line and center,
freedom at the core

Positioned in the jungle,
men were exposed
It’s silent, and brewing,
agent orange as we know.

Agent Orange is the reason
so doctors have said,
that caused the cancer and
the death of our dad.

A MAN of all MEN
he will always be known
as another fallen marine has
been called home.

Submitted By D.Newton
VIETNAM and the GRACE OF GOD..“ another fallen marine”

                     Dedicated to Bob Fallo “Sgt. Fury”