Multiple Air Assault
Another View
View From My Gun Well
Huey Slick Pilots
Pilot Flirting With A Babayson
Pilots Flirting With Coke Girls
They Sell Coca Cola Out Of Their Basket
Pilot Flirting With A Babayson
PM'ing A Gun Ship
(Preventive Maintenance)
My Ship. I'm Napping On A Seat
Notice The Bullet Hole Patches
POW Camp
Rice Farmers By Day
Who Knows At Night?
Maybe VC?
RTO Resting (Radio Telephone Operator) Infantry
A Stuck Mule. They Were Called
Mules Because They Hauled
Anything And Could Go Anywhere.
A Tank Crew
A Trooper Entering The Bush
God Bless Him. I Hope He Made It.
Unknown Gunship Pilot
POW's Being Interogated
VC Prisoner With An MP
Captured VC
VC Prisoners Above And Below
Vietnamese Family
Vietnamese Family In The Family Car
Vietnamese Kids Begging
Notice They Aren't Afraid Of Us,
Even Though We Kill Them
Kids In Their Family Store
Family Burial Plot
A Village With A Boy On His Donkey Cart