175MM Cannon
Air Strike An Loa Valley
Air Strike VC Village
Bongson Airstrike
VC Village Air Strike
Before a helicopter landed in an LZ on an Air Assault, the LZ was sometimes prepped with
B-52 bombing and Napalm strikes by the Air Force. But, was always prepped with artillery
and gun ship rockets. Even then the LZ would still be hot when we landed to drop off troops.
Sometimes the LZ was so hot we couldn't land so we hovered over the drop zone and the
troops would jump out, sometimes ten feet off the ground. If they didn't jump fast enough we
would have to push them off. That was rare but it did happen. I did it once and the trooper
shot at me when he hit the ground. We were already on our way out, so he missed me. I
hated doing it but I didn't want my crew to get shot down either.
B-52 Bombing run prepping an LZ before an air assault.
Burning A VC House
VC Village Burning
Vietnamese ARVN And His Girfriend/Wife
 (Army Republic of Vietnam) Soldier
ARVN Soldiers Bathing
ARVN Soldiers On Patrol
B-52 At Bongson Airfield
Bombed Out Bridge At  BongSon
Air Assault - Dropping Off The Infantry
Searching For VC At A Bombed Out Church
Infantry Waiting To Load To Go On An Air Assault
        This Huey Lost It's Engine And Crashed
It's Resting On The Ground Because The Skids Broke Off
Huey Being Flown By A Chinook To Be Repaired
Another Broken Huey
Crashed Huey
Crashed 227th AHB Ship
Captured Weapons
Extracting Villagers Before Air Strike
        (Called Relocation)
This VC Decided He Would Take A Sniper Shot While The  
Villagers Were Being Extracted
... Bad Idea. Why He Is On A Mermite Canister... Got Me
Our CO, Maj. Jackson's Ship Crashed On Landing
Another View Of Maj. Jackson's Ship
More Captured Weapons
The Next Pictures Are Crashed
Helicopters and Airplanes Either Lost  
An Engine Or Were Shot Down
Shot Down And Burned Huey Lost The Entire Crew
Crashed C-130 At AnKhe
Shot Down C-130
These Next Pictures Are Of The Innocent People Of Nam
And  Some Interesting Pictures Of The Surroundings
Handing Out Candy To The Local Kids
A Vietnamese Catholic Church
Family Burial Plot
Joking Around With Some Villagers
Papason (Grandfather) And Kids. Makes Me Sad About The Kids
A Pretty Little Girl And A Young Boy Begging
1/7th Cavalry Infantry Basecamp
  " Custer's Cavalry Unit "
A Hooch Surrounded By Sandbags
Wrecked Trucks On A Rice Paddy Dike Road
What We Called The "Golf Course" Was Our Helicopter Landing Area
A Village Kid
Special Forces Base Camp
Flying Over The South China Sea
Mr. Granberry With A Cute Kid
Mr.Pride, A Pilot I flew With At Times
Mr. Shaw, A Pilot I flew With All The Time
Sam's Club In Vietnam
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