What Is A Brother

A Brother is someone who is unselfish..
who thinks of his fellow brothers before himself...
Despite any pain or anguish.

A Brother will lay down his life without  hesitation....
A Brother is one who has made many sacrifices,
for this and the next next generation.

A Brother has always got your back.
A Brother has courage and  strength
that he never lacks.

A Brother has a true sense
of God and Country,
Of  Duty and Patriotism
that is very immense.

A Brother is the average "Joe"
that went to war
even when others refused to go.
Most of them lived next door.

A Brother is an unsung Hero-
A Brother is every soldier of the Vietnam War.
who has seen and done more then anyone else would know..
A Brother is located near and far.

A Brother has something called  a "Bond"
that all Band of Brothers do....
that makes those memories more fond
and greatful for each other too.

A Brother is every single one of you,
Not just one or two,
But the entire group present and those
that couldn't be in this room, so very close.

A Brothers watches  my man's back still today,
and also keeps tabs on our family.
And no matter what will always stay.
A Brother  tackles his duties unrelentlessly.
After thirty + years A Brother is there, night or day
and none of you would have it any other way.

A Brother is someone that I owe
my undying gratitude to,
has my utmost respect.
A Brother is everyone of you even though
you may not look at that aspect...
You are the Brothers and I love You .
©Leilah Ash Ward