The Words Won't Come

I try to think of words but they just won't come
A pain in my head, a knot in my heart and then some
I am sitting here with tears in my eyes
I've lost many a brother and said many good byes

We are at an age and our health may not be good
We have partaken of wimmin, tobacco, & booze more than we
It's been a helluva long time since we started our quest
To fly and care for our choppers and to do our best

We tell War stories, Embellish, But never lie
I am losing my friends and can do nothing but cry
Once they are gone I know we'll survive
There are those above and us still alive

It will get no better as the time passes by
Because we will lose more when it's their turn to die
And it's not just our brothers but our family as well
It's enough to make this Life of ours a living Hell

We pray now to our Gods, What Kind, Do we Care?
In times of loss, it is grief that we share
No fights, No Bullshit, Much sorrow and Strife
It is time for us all to think of our life

Think of those that are gone and cherish their past
Pray for those that are here and make their life last
For they need our prayers each and every Day
Hoping that we can all make a difference someday!

Rick Bulldog 10 Nov 5, 2000 Guam time